What is Turn Therapy?

Turn Therapy is to assist and provide movement for a person who is mobility impaired, especially to turn from side to side and elevate the heels. Turn Therapy is essential care required to prevent injuries associated with immobility, especially musculoskeletal breakdown and pressure ulcers.

Bedside Ergonomics is the application of Turn Therapy. What is the correct position for a bedbound person? How do you position someone to protect them from pressure ulcers and musculoskeletal injury? How do you prevent caregiver lift injury when caring for a bedbound person?

Between complex patient health conditions, equipment needs and complicated ergonomics, achieving effective re-positioning and sustained support of correct position can be among a caregiver's greatest challenges.

At Jewell Nursing Solutions, we are dedicated to the prevention of injuries associated with bedside care, especially pressure ulcers. In this section we explore basic pathophysiology and best practice protocols for pressure ulcer prevention, and identify the “How to” ergonomic science of Turn Therapy and patient positioning to prevent injury.

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