Real Stories from Real People

Most people are left on their own when it comes to figuring out how to get the pressure off. Below are videos of people who discovered Jewell Nursing Solutions and The Bedsore Rescue Cushion.

People were so happy with our products and services, they asked to be interviewed.

A collection of stories from Donna, Eric, Charles & Susan, Rita & Heather about their experience dealing with bedsores and how The Bedsore Rescue Cushion saved them. (Formally called The Backbone Wedge)

Charles’s Story

Charles spent 6 months on his back in the hospital. He developed a bedsore on his buttocks that hurt like hell. His caregivers had nothing to offer that could relieve the pressure and the pain until his wife Susan found The Bedsore Rescue Cushion (formally called The Backbone).

Charles’s Story

Donna’s Story

“Gwen helped us figure out how to use the wedge to be able to lift her up enough so that we could get her off those pressure sores. It gave them an opportunity to heal. ”

Donna’s Story

Story of Kristen, the Wound Care Nurse

Kristen works for a Northern California Hospital. She discusses her experience with wedges before and after The Bedsore Rescue Cushion.

Interview with Kristen, RN, MSN, CNS, Wound Care Department

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Bedsore Rescue Positioning Wedge Cushion

This wedge cushion works great! It's really easy to slip under the back to position it. At first glance at the length I wondered if this cushion would need to be smaller under a smaller body, but the shoulders and hip comfortably lay on the cushion. In fact, there is much more comfort when laying on the cushion than when there is no cushion at all!

Rehab review

The rehab center where husband is did not care for the cushion and told me to take home

Very Innovative!

I'm the Director of Staff Development at a skilled nursing facility as well as the project manager for our current state grant on prevention of pressure injuries. I have hosted numerous presentations regarding the grant and like to provide hands on training. After emphasizing the importance of repositioning residents who spend extended periods of time in bed, it's a sweet surprise that I was referred to Bedsore Rescue! Staff complained about needing 5 pillows to properly side position, and of course, we don't have that many pillows in our facility. Staff love the concept of the Bedsore Rescue wedge and residents mention that they are comfortable, while keeping the pressure off the low back and coccyx areas. I initially bought 4 but just received my second order of 4 more. As our grant progresses, I will be purchasing several more. I highly recommend these wedges!

Bedsore Rescue Positioning Wedge Cushion for Home - All Derma Fabric Casing

Super tool

This is a super tool for any person. Many many uses. Great to prop my bedridden husband on his side. Much more comfortable for him than any other and extremely easy for me to use. I would highly recommend it

Amazing pillow !

This Bedsore Rescue All-Purpose Hypoallergenic Contoured Pillow ?is? surprisingly soft and comfortable?. ?And the fact that you can wipe it clean if necessary is also a plus.? Because I like to be able to clean my pillows regularly.Because I suffer from acid reflux. ? I? usually? sleep? sitting up? with a mountain of pillows? . And to be honest it was causing me some pain in my spine and neck. I wasn't sure how or if this pillow would work for me. After the first few nights of using this pillow. I noticed an actual difference. I hadn't dealt with acid reflux in days. And my spine and neck weren't hurting me. Until I started using this Bedsore Rescue Contoured Pillow? I struggled to find a way to sleep comfortably. This pillow changed my life. The quality is excellent. It's sturdy and durable, I highly recommend it.

His wound improved

We used the wedge on one of our clients with a wound vac for his heel. Over the course of 48 hours, his wound improved tremendously. The staff is really seeing the benefits from the wedge so far.

Finally a solution

I have been a caretaker most of my life. First my father in law and then my mother and father. The last couple of years for my mother were challenging. If it were not for Jewell Nursing Solutions it would have been even more painful for mom. My mother developed pressure ulcers on her lowerback after a few months of becoming bedridden. With the help of the Bedsore Rescue Turning Wedge and the info from the website on turning procedures we were able to get them to heal. Thank you so much Jewell Nursing Solutions!

Highly recommend them

When we trialed these at our facility the nurses loved them. They are light weight and easily used for a variety of patients. We highly recommend them

It worked perfectly

We ordered this as a result of my wife having a stage three bedsore. It worked perfectly. You could use a two pillow approach but would have to constantly adjust the pillows. The wedge was stable and very comfortable. The material dried up quickly when you got it wet. I use it in themornings as a table for her when she is still in bed having her coffee. Great device. I will be buying another one for when we go away.

Really good results

Really good results with our client. I ended up using on a client with a stage 2 pressure ulcer that was developed over 48 hrs in hospital, post procedure. The caregiver was really able to get him off his sacrum and within 48 hrs the wound has shown great improvement and is almost completely healed.Client was able to tolerate the position really well and he is usually very difficult to keep off his back. Really glad that we have found your product.

Life Saver!

Highly recommend for offloading! We use two, one on each side at the same time without signs of pressure wounds. They are a godsend!

Great item and customer support.

I purchased this item to help my mother's recovery from a sacral wound that arose after her alternating air mattress malfunctioned and over inflated. It's crazy how quick bedsores can develop. Luckily, I came across this wedge after pillows didn't seem to be working and just making mom uncomfortable. The wedge arrived along with a very helpful guide on care and prevention of bedsores. There was also a phone number to call for additional questions. My brother called and left a message and received a return call the same day from Gwen Jewell herself. She was very friendly and offered her knowledge and advice. My brother communicated with her another time via text. It was reassuring to us that we were doing everything necessary to help mom's recovery. While the price of the wedge may seem like alot I feel that the support and advice from Gwen made it well worth it.

Pressure sore is healing

Im very glad I went with The Backbone, Dad says it is comfortable and his pressure sore is healing. An alternate wedge provided by hospice is quite large and boxy, its too big for the bed and not getting very much use.

Perfect pillow for my son

My son has cerebral palsy and I have to wash a few pillows every week now with theses pillows i don't need to I just have to wipe it down and let dry what a game changer .

Really helped meheala pressure ulcer!

This was worth every penny! I am a plus size quadriplegic. I was worried that it would not support me but it has held but for 3 months now. I am bed bound currently. I was able toheala stage 3 pressure ulcer in roughly a month and a half. Rotating every couple of hours. I would highly recommend.


It was nice and comfortable for my elderly parent during her final journey of life.

Really Helped

This item helped my terminally ill father who was bedridden the last few months of his life.
This wedge was very helpful in improving his comfort as much as possible. We used it 24/7 in his care. His hospice care team all thought it was terrific and inquired about the company information for their superiors.
Very grateful this was available and that it contributed to the best comfort possible for him.

Best Pilllows ever - Bought Three!!!!

I have purchased Three since 2019! They are wonderful!!!! CNAs and nurses Rehab and the hospitals rave about them. I ordered three to ensure I had back-up.??
I am looking for pillowcases now.
They are worth every penny.


great cushion pillow!

Best body wedge for pressure wounds

The perfect pillow wedge for rotating the body for people with pressure wounds. Definitely would recommend. easy to fit the different curves of the body

This Wedge made my wifes last few weeks nearly pain-free

We selected the non-skid version to use over an inflating/deflating mattress top, also sold on Amazon. My wife found this wedge to be like throwing a switch to turn off the bedsore on her tailbone area. Unless we were rolling her to change her brief, she told us she was not in pain. When I had some general questions I called the number in the enclosed instruction booklet, and Gwen Jewell herself took the time to answer and explain. Their videos here on Amazon or on YouTube teach just how to place the wedge(s) for the best effect. I highly commend and recommend this Nurse, her products, and her company to anyone seeking relief from bedsores.

Incredible little life saver for mom's bum/backside

high quality incredible item to help save skin of an elderly or disabled more in bed than out of the bed person. I CAN NOW EASILY TILT mom on her side during sleep so she gives pressure wound much needed relief. her sore is starting tohealitself. thank you

The quality of the product.

My sister that was diagnosed six years ago with ALS loves it. It helps her back from being upright on the bed. It releases the pressure on the back. It does not slide or move from the position that was placed.

Best option to help heal bedsore!

We got this to help my Mom's bedsore along her spine to heal. We had tried pillows and wedges with NO success! After three days of using this wedge we noticed big changes as she was getting much better blood flow since no pressure was on the sore!! It never slips, as we got thenonskidbacking, and we could not be happier! She is way more comfortable and we are so at ease now!