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We believe everyone should be able to relieve the pressure

Jewell Nursing Solutions knows how difficult it is to stop pressure injuries. We offer a range of honestly helpful solutions
so that you and the people you care for can get relief from the pain of bedsores & pressure wounds.

Bedsore Rescue cushion

Inspired by a hospital wound care nurse who wanted to use support devices that genuinely work. Our patented cushions are designed to provide “just right” lift and cradled support while circumventing pressure points.

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Pressure Injury Education & Training

Coming soon! Our courses are the only pressure injury training tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual caregiving environment from home to the skilled nursing facility to the acute care hospital. CEU’s available.

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Caregiver Support Services

Sometimes all you need is a straight, honest answer from a nurse that knows what she/he is talking about. Stop putting up with the run-around from your healthcare provider and schedule an appointment with us today.

Contoured BackBone™ shape circumvents sensitive pressure points

Patented bilateral angled design for precise 30-degree lift

Our Bedsore Rescue cushions are designed by a woundcare nurse to support the most effective and long-lasting pressure reduction position. Their unique shape and design provide gentle cradled comfort and pain relief for people at risk for or suffering from sacral/coccyx, hip, or spinal column bedsores.

For Patients

Unique contoured shape designed to support the entire torso without touching back or hip wounds. Gentle, even support provides “just enough” lift to relieve pressure points without pressuring shoulders. The result is long-lasting pressure relief and soothing, stable support.

For Caregivers

Finally, a support wedge that works! No more going back into the room to repeat the work you already did to re-set slipped wedges or flat pillows. Easy to place, reliable, and re-usable. Saves time, less work, and comfortable patients.

For Healthcare Facilities

The only 30-degree lateral positioning cushion designed to meet all standards for patient positioning, infection control, and patient safety. Net costs are a fraction of wasteful and ineffective disposables. Increase patient satisfaction, caregiver compliance, and lower HAPI’s.

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State of the Art Hospital Grade Quality
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Waterproof, vapor-permeable, antimicrobial
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Single patient or multi patient use
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Effective support for any care environment. (Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Home Care)
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No better evidence than the real-life, best practices results of unbiased and experienced caregivers and patients. We are proud that Bedsore Rescue positioning cushions have the highest satisfaction rate in the industry. The Bedsore Rescue Cushion is the “Best in Class” with 95% positive results reported by caregivers. And it’s the ONLY support cushion endorsed by patients to be the most comfortable and pain-relieving support they have ever used.

Pressure Injury Education

Let’s face it! Stopping pressure injuries is never as easy as it’s made out to be. You need so much more than 2-page lists and 4-minute youtube videos. Jewell Nursing Solutions is committed to bringing effective pressure injury prevention training to the entire caregiving community. Learn exactly what you need to do, how to do it, which products to buy and how to use them. Training written for all caregiver skill levels in all environments.

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How to Stop Bedsores

This course covers the fundamentals for any caregiver skill level.
Includes universals do’s and don’ts, methods, equipment, and the supplies everyone should know. Free with proof of purchase of any Jewell Nursing Solutions products.

Coming soon!

Learn Relief
Pressure Injury Prevention Certification (PIP-C™)

The most comprehensive pressure injury prevention education & training for facility and homecare-based caregivers. Designed for facilities struggling with pressure injury prevention, caregiver lift injury, and appropriate supplies and equipment use issues. The only training course to instruct caregivers on how to manage workflow and process issues and complications associated with safe patient handling during pressure injury prevention care. If you need to improve your outcomes and lower your costs, your caregivers need this course!

Coming soon!

Become PIP Certified
Pressure Injury Woundcare Fundamentals (Coming Soon!)

Pressure injury wound care is even more tricky than other wound care. Every wound is different, and requires different care at different times. Learn the basics about how to evaluate the wound and recommendations for care. Includes second opinion services. CEU’s included.

Coming soon!

Learn More

Our Blog

Visit our blog to learn more about pressure ulcers, how to treat them, and take a deep-dive into the products we’ve designed to prevent them.

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Medical Facility Services

We are proud to serve the healthcare industry with the most durable, reliable, and pragmatic solutions for pressure injury prevention. Inquire about facility/GPO tier pricing today.

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