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We believe everyone can be empowered to prevent and heal pressure injury wounds

We were the first to bring ALL best practice standards to pressure relieving positioning support devices and prevention techniques. Our promise is to provide meaningful, effective, honest and unbiased solutions patients and their caregivers need to stop pressure injury wounds. That means we source and openly endorse quality products that apply medical best practice principles and are proven to be effective. We make comprehensive education, training and consultation easily accessible and affordable to caregivers of any skill level.

We work with Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home/Hospice Facilities and private home caregivers to help them prevent and heal pressure injuries regardless of where they were acquired.

Bedsore Rescue cushion
30 degree lateral support wedge

About Bedsore Rescue Products

Inspired by a hospital wound care nurse who got tired of doing the same thing over and over again without effective pressure prevention results. Our patented cushions and pillows are designed to do the job right; provide just right offloading of pressure points and comfortable, safe and long lasting pressure relieved support. Patent #USD 818,859 S

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How to Stop Bedsores eBooklet

Included with every purchase, this ebooklet is famous for being the most helpful guide to pressure injury prevention available. Everything you need to know so that you don’t have to learn the hard way. Find out which type of products and supplies work best, and which to avoid. Learn nurse proven turning, repositioning and support techniques that get the pressure off and keep it off. Bonus section includes how to manage common complications. Everything you need to know to create the best possible environment where prevention and healing of pressure ulcer wounds can take place. Today.

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Other Support Services

Here at Jewell Nursing Solutions, we understand the support patients and caregivers need to stop bedsores is far more than products and techniques. We don’t believe in making it difficult to get real help or find good answers. Just call us at the above number. Or write us at No frustrating phone trees or exhausting red tape. Just clear, honest answers and direction!

Contoured Bedsore Rescue Cushion™ shape cradles entire torso while circumvents sensitive pressure points


Patented bilateral angled design for precise 30-degree lift

Effective Pressure Relief Is The Key To Pressure Injury Prevention

The reason we focused on creating the best 30-degree lateral positioning wedge support cushion in the industry is because nothing else out there works. That’s why about 50% of pressure injuries occur over the sacrum/tailbone/buttocks and hips region.

We set the bar for meeting patient positioning standards: Dependable 30-degree lateral turned support, even distribution of support weight, muscle-skeletal alignment of spine and hips, stability, moisture resistance, skin safe soft, breathable and antimicrobial fabric. And most importantly, can be set to circumvent sacral/coccyx area in most cases.

Re-usable with 6 months warranty improves sustainability, lowers carbon foot print and significantly lowers direct and indirect costs.

Highest patient and caregiver satisfaction in effectiveness and comfort. Reliable, durable, stable and comfortable pressure relief. That is what’s important to support the prevention of pressure injuries!

Patent #D815,859 S

For Patients

Unique contoured shape designed to support the entire torso without touching back or hip wounds. Gentle, even support provides “just enough” lift to relieve pressure points without pressuring shoulders. The result is long-lasting pressure relief and soothing, stable support.

For Caregivers

Finally, a support wedge that works! No more going back into the room to repeat the work you already did to re-set slipped wedges or flat pillows. Easy to place, reliable, and re-usable. Saves time, less work, and comfortable patients.

For Healthcare Facilities

The only 30-degree lateral positioning cushion designed to meet all standards for patient positioning, infection control, and patient safety. Net costs are a fraction of wasteful and ineffective disposables. Increase patient satisfaction, caregiver compliance, and lower HAPI’s.

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State of the Art Hospital Grade Quality
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Waterproof, vapor-permeable, antimicrobial
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Single patient or multi patient use
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Effective support for any care environment. (Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Home Care)
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Satisfaction Guaranteed Or your money back!


No better evidence than the real-life, best practices results of unbiased and experienced caregivers and patients. We are proud that Bedsore Rescue positioning cushions have the highest satisfaction rate in the industry. The Bedsore Rescue Cushion is the “Best in Class” with 95% positive results reported by caregivers. And it’s the ONLY support cushion endorsed by patients to be the most comfortable and pain-relieving support they have ever used.

What Support Really Looks Like

Jewell Nursing Solutions is more than a positioning wedge cushions and pillow company. We are a nurse led pressure injury prevention and healing company. We are on a mission to stop pressure injuries. Proven equipment and supplies is a good start. But the only thing that can stop a pressure wound is good caregiving. If you need more support to solve a pressure ulcer problem, we hope you will reach out to us. We want to help. Because your success is our success.

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How to Stop Bedsores ebooklet

This booklet covers the fundamentals of pressure injury prevention for any caregiver skill level.
Includes universals do’s and don’ts, methods, equipment, and the supplies everyone should know. Free with proof of purchase of any Jewell Nursing Solutions products.

Review How To Stop Pressure Injuries
How to set the Bedsore Rescue Positioning Wedge Cushion

No fluff 50 second video instructions for how to support a person using The Bedsore Rescue Positioning Wedge Cushion.

To download the letter sized placement poster, click here.

How to place the cushion video
Pressure Injury Woundcare Fundamentals (Coming Soon!)

Pressure injury wound care is even more tricky than other wound care. Every wound is different, and requires different care at different times. Learn the basics about how to evaluate the wound and recommendations for care. Includes second opinion services. CEU’s included.

Coming soon!

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Medical Facility Inquiries

We are proud to serve the healthcare industry with the most durable, reliable, and pragmatic solutions for pressure injury prevention. Inquire about facility/GPO tier pricing today.

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