About Us

About Us

Making solutions for the new healthcare economy

At Jewell Nursing Solutions, we’re making solutions for the new healthcare economy. The healthcare system is becoming increasingly overloaded, and the number of temporarily or chronically disabled people is growing rapidly. Now more than ever, solutions to improve bedside care for the bedbound patient and accessibility and affordability to basic nursing care information is desperately needed.

It is critical that everyone across the healthcare continuum, from the hospital staff to the caregiver wife, husband, daughter, son, brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin, friend, or hired help are empowered with the right knowledge and tools to fight pressure sores. It is time we care for those who care.

Motivated by personal experience as a wound care nurse for an acute care hospital, our co-founder, Gwen Jewell, began her nursing innovation journey inspired to improve positioning support technology. She recognized that the standard of care techniques and support products available for positioning and pressure relief of the bed-bound patient were grossly inadequate to do the job. The paradigm for pressure injury prevention, especially pressure relief itself, just wasn’t best practice at all.

Gwen saw caregivers struggling to try to accomplish pressure relief by doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Yet the incidence and prevalence of pressure injuries in the hospital, skilled nursing, and especially community-acquired pressure injuries continues to increase.

Patients are suffering unnecessarily, and sadly in some cases, dying as a result of their wounds. At the same time caregivers are often getting hurt from lift injuries, and often bear the heavy burden of guilt and despair because they are told they should have been able to prevent pressure injuries, even though they have not been provided with effective equipment, supplies and often without accurate education, training or assistance.

Gwen and Caroline Tudor, a successful business owner who shares a passion for service and wellness, decided to partner to provide better solutions for supporting pressure sore prevention and relief.

Jewell Nursing Solutions, like many inspiring startups, began in a garage with a piece of foam, an electric fishing knife and a sewing machine as Gwen and Caroline set out to design pressure relief support cushions and wedges that honestly serve their purpose for anybody who needs to use them, from the hospital ICU to home based care.

Since then the team has developed a number of innovations that have transformed the way pressure injury prevention care is delivered. They began by creating the most effective positioning support devices on the market. Then they went on to develop comprehensive education and training systems to help caregivers resolve the many other problems and misunderstandings they encounter associated with pressure injury prevention and care. Their support programs are designed for the private and advanced trained clinicians from all walks of life.

The Jewell Nursing Solutions Bedsore Rescue cushions and pillows are the only positioning devices on the market that provide ergonomically correct comfort and stability. Most importantly, they provide pressure reduction and comfort. Our eLearning models teach and support people who need to know how to achieve the best, long lasting preventative care. We support the patient AND the caregivers.

Now everyone can rest better.

Caroline Tudor
About Caroline Tudor

Caroline has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2008 she purchased a franchise business called Relax The Back, a company that sells ergonomic products and furniture that helps prevent and ease the suffering of back pain.

For 3 years Caroline successfully ran the business, growing sales by more than 50 percent each year. In 2010 she won the company award for highest sales growth franchise. It was during this time that she learned that she shared a deep passion with Gwen, to help prevent people from suffering pain.

In 2012 Caroline negotiated the profitable sale of the franchise business, and the two partners started Jewell Nursing Solutions.

Inspired by the potential and promise of helping so many people with such great products and services, Caroline has carried the business from its humble beginnings in 2012 to a million dollars a year in gross sales.

In her role of Chief Operating Officer, Caroline has set up and managed several lucrative business arrangements including Amazon, Walmart, Vizient and more. Additionally, Caroline has been instrumental in forming and growing the Jewell Nursing Solutions brand and website presence by over 200% per year.

About Gwen Jewell

Gwen Jewell is a Clinical Nurse II and Certified Wound Care Specialist by the American Board of Wound Specialists

Gwen graduated from San Francisco State University School of Nursing many moons ago, in 2006. Since then, she has served as faculty clinical instructor for San Francisco State School of Nursing.

In 2011 while working for Dignity Health’s Sequoia Hospital, Gwen volunteered to join her employer’s Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer Prevention Team (HAPU). She joined after caring for a patient with a very bad, and ultimately fatal, pressure injury.

As she learned more and worked with people suffering from pressure wounds, she was surprised to discover that the one thing that is most important to prevent pressure injuries is the one thing we are not very good at: getting the pressure off.

Thus her passion for seeking solutions to reduce pressure, keep patients more comfortable, and save lives grew into a unique business concept.

Tapping into her experience running a Relax The Back Store with Caroline Tudor, Gwen realized that it was possible to improve pressure relief equipment and techniques by applying ergonomic science and physical therapy with support technology.

Fast forward to today, Gwen has applied her knowledge and experience to design better positioning cushions and pillows. Additionally, she has identified better patient handling techniques that she now teaches to medical professionals and home caregivers. Her goal is to ensure better products and techniques for optimal safety, comfort, and pressure reduction.

Gwen Jewell