Warranty & Returns

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so sure you will find your new Bedsore Rescue Cushion the most effective, comfortable and helpful cushion you have ever had, we guarantee it!

If you are not completely satisfied that The Bedsore Rescue Positioning Wedge Cushion functions as specified when used as directed, returned the product to Jewell Nursing Solutions within 10 days of receipt and we will return your purchase. Guarantee is limited to 2 or less cushions. Products NOT guaranteed to resolve patient refusal to turn or refusal to rest in the turned position. Please purchase responsibly.

Unopened product is fully refundable for up to 1 month after purchase. Cushions received folded in half will not be refunded. Product received damaged from misuse or obviously used repeatedly will not be refunded. Return shipping expenses not included. Unopened product is fully refundable for up to 1 month after purchase. Cushions received folded in half will not be refunded.

Contact Jewell Nursing Solutions if you need assistance returning opened but unused cushions.

Warranty/Return Policy

Jewell Nursing Solutions represents and warrants that all products shall be free from defects in material, workmanship, design and manufacturing under normal use for a period of six months (6) from date of purchase.

Jewell Nursing Solutions further represents and warrants that the products shall conform to the specifications, drawings and samples furnished by Jewell Nursing Solutions or contained in the non-price specifications and shall be safe for the use described in instructions for use.

Our Bedsore Rescue cushions are:

  • Guaranteed to provide the most exact 30 degree turned support possible.
  • Guaranteed to provide the most gentle and comfortable positioning.
  • The only cushion contoured to avoid direct contact sore spots, wherever they might be.
  • Low profile lift without pushing too far over (easy on the shoulders and hips).
  • Provides full back and hip support for ergonomically correct alignment.
  • Stays in place better than any other lateral positioning wedge.
  • The only lateral positioning wedge that stays in place with head of bed elevation.
  • The only lateral positioning wedge that claims more comfort and better pain relief!

Made from quality materials in the USA.

If any products fail to conform to the warranties set forth in this section and a claim is made by a buyer on account of such failure, Jewell Nursing Solutions shall, at the option of the buyer, promptly either replace the nonconforming products with substantially similar products or credit the purchase price. Supplier shall bear all costs of returning, replacing, and disposing of the nonconforming products, as well as all risk of loss or damage to the non-conforming products from and after the time they leave the physical possession of the buyer.

Warranty does not include damages arising from abnormal or misuse, including but not limited to: exposure to sharp objects, excessive heat or fire, corrosive chemicals, negligent or improper use, intentional dismantling or destruction and/or full submersion in liquids for laundering machines. Pressure injury prevention, development and healing is a complex process involving numerous factors. Pressure relief is only one of the many interventions necessary to prevent or heal pressure injuries.

Nothing in this Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty shall be misconstrued as guarantee that Bedsore Rescue Products can prevent or heal pressure injury by itself. Jewell Nursing Solutions accepts no responsibility or liability for the development of pressure injuries.

Jewell Nursing Solutions is a nurse owned and operated company. We are dedicated to bringing honestly effective pressure injury prevention education, training, and products the entire caregiving community from hospital to home.

Bedsore Rescues cushions and pillows are the only support devices designed by a nurse to meet all best practice quality standards for pressure relief, perfusion, skin safety, infection control, safe patient positioning and patient comfort as established by the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) and the Association of Surgical Technologist (AST).

Donation Program

If you can no longer use your Bedsore Rescue cushion due to death or a full recovery, please contact us to learn about our donation program.

Together we CAN stop bedsores!

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