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First, about the most important support device you need for preventing pressure injuries on the sacrum/tailbone area: 30-Degree lateral side position support. The Bedsore Rescue Backbone positioning wedge cushion was designed by a nurse who was tired of fooling around with simple pillows and bulky wedges that just don’t work. This turning wedge is uniquely designed to provide ergonomically correct and comfortable support for a sustained period of time. Finally, support that supports long lasting pressure relief, comfort, and can avoid touching the sore spots. Made to meet all patient safety and bed-bound positioning standards for acute care, long-term care, and of course, for home and hospice care.

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How and Why It Works Better

Almost half of all pressure injuries occur on the lower back/trunk area, where the sacrum and coccyx (aka the tailbone) take the worst hit. When you are worried about decubitus ulcers (aka pressure injuries) on the backside, the most important preventative intervention is to get the pressure off and keep the pressure off this area.

The magic behind the Bedsore Rescue Positioning Cushion is in the shape. The contouring and angles are carefully crafted to provide everything a person needs to achieve comfortable and stable support without pressure.

Optimal 30° Positioning

The secret to supporting an accurate 30-degree lift WITH stability, comfort, and pressure reduction is in our patented bilateral angle design. This design makes it possible to set the wedge fully underneath the person’s back and hips to provide the most gentle, even support. Lifts are just far enough to relieve pressure from the sacrum/coccyx but not too far to cause pressure on the opposite shoulder or hip. This position is perfect for promoting circulation, airflow, and healing.

Contoured Shape

The only positioning wedge cushion with a unique curved design. This patented crescent shape is why The Bedsore Rescue Positioning cushion can lift both the back and hips simultaneously while at the same time circumventing the sacrum/coccyx and spine. Making it the only cushion that can provide consistent, comfortable support across the entire torso while floating the bony prominences of the spine.

Breathable, Anti-Microbial Fabric

Jewell Nursing is taking 30-degree lateral support technology to its highest standard by covering the cushion with advanced medical fabric, making The Bedsore Rescue Positioning Cushion the only long-term, re-usable support cushion that meets acute-care, patient-safety, and quality standards.

Polyurethane coating allows vapor exchange for breathability without sticking to the skin. Moisture-resistant and antibacterial treated to prevent colonization. Wipe soiling clean with disinfectant wipes. Contains no latex, no zippers, and no metals.

Sustainability, waste reduction, and huge cost savings that can be realized by your facility by moving away from disposables today!

Spin Me
State of the Art Hospital Grade Quality
Waterproof, vapor-permeable, antimicrobial
Single patient or multi patient use
Effective support for any care environment. (Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Home Care)
Satisfaction Guaranteed Or your money back!

Why Design A Wedge This Way?

The Inventor Gwen Jewell explains some of the inspiration behind the development of the Bedsore Rescue Positioning Wedge Cushion (Formally known as The Backbone Turning Wedge) And why this unique shape works so well to support a person in a pressure relieved 30 degree lateral position.

Nurse Inventor Gwen Jewell explains the advancements in positioning wedge designs (Note: Gwen is the first to admit she makes a better nurse inventor than actress !)

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