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Bedsore Rescue® All Purpose Bolster Pillow


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Product Description

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For general support use in medical setting; Support under or between the legs, arms, back or under the head. Use for side turned support position to for frail, underweight, under-tall people

Skin safe shell cover is moisture resistant, smooth, breathable and antimicrobial. Extra high pile fill and curved shape provides gentle lift and space to float bony prominences without bottoming out.

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Bedsore Rescue® All Purpose Bolster Pillow

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

For bulk orders & pricing, inquire here.

The Original Bedsore Rescue All Purpose Bolster Pillow is made with a special high-pile chopped fiber fill that naturally separates when not in use to allow air to be drawn through the side breathing strip. Your pillow will stay puffy and supportive for long lasting “down like” comfort without clumping. The high performance Chemflex® medical fabric is what makes this pillow the best general medical pillow on the market. Commonly known as “gurney pad” fabric, this material is skin safe. because is it soft and smooth moisture-resistant while allowing the skin to breath. Won't stick or cause excessive sweating like vinyl covered pillows do. Also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, this pillow provides gentle skin friendly safe and cooling comfort. The Bedsore Rescue All Purpose Pillow is a general use pillow for the medical care setting.
  • Set underneath legs to float heels when leg elevation is desired. (Please see our Bedsore Rescue Footbed heel floater when low lift heel floatation is needed to improve blood flow and reduce ankle dangling)
  • Set between legs during side turn rest to reduce hip pain and prevent skin to skin bony prominence contact between legs
  • Set lengthwise behind the back during head of bed elevation to straighten out slump, open rib cage for better breathing and properly elevate tracheostomies and feeding tubes sites
Suitable to use for side turned position support to offload pressure off tailbone/sacral area when wedge cushion cannot be used due to
  • Frailty (intolerant of contact pressure underneath the back due to advanced age or illness)
  • Underweight (less than 100Lbs)
  • Under tall (less than 5 feet tall
Please review our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Injury Prevention for specific instructions on 30 degree lateral turning and pressure injury prevention and healing. Wipe clean with disinfectant wipes or rinse with soap and water. Fits standard size pillow case (if desired, but not necessary).
  • 24” Long x 18” Wide
  • 9” Thick
  • Curvature depth 2” on each side
  • Cover is ChemFlex ® antibacterial polyurethane coated knit. 
  • Moisture Resistant, breathable, no-stick*
  • Stuffing is chopped fiber no-stick, no clump, high breathable fill
  • Weight 2lb, 0oz (ship weight 2 lbs12oz). Shipped compressed
  • Latex free
  • Contains no zippers, no metals, no openings
  • Ok to cover with standard pillow case, Dermatherapy pillow case or use uncovered
  • Clean with disinfectant wipes, baby wipes or can rinse under soap and water.
  • Do not not launder. Do not submerge in fluids. Fluids can seep through seams during long term submersion.

Relief for patients and caregivers alike

No better evidence than the real life best practice results of unbiased and experienced caregivers and patients. We are proud that Bedsore Rescue Cushions positioning cushions have the highest satisfaction rate in the industry with 4+ stars and over 750 reviews on Amazon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Robin Walker (Charlestown, IN, US)
Bedsore Rescue All Purpose Pillow

I'm happy to say this pillow is awesome. It's very versatile w/ positioning my patient. I would consider purchasing another pillow in future. I would highly recommend this pillow.

Thank you Robin! We are glad to hear it's working out for you.

Brenda (Johnstown, PA, US)
This pillow is awesome

We tried different pillows for my husband who is in a hospital bed. None of them were good enough until we found this pillow. It is perfect for him. I would definitely recommend it. He also uses the Wedge and the Footbed Heel Floatation Cushion for night sleeping.

Hi, Brenda!
Thanks so much for the great review. We are happy to know that the pillow, wedge, Footbed are working for your husband. It's why we do what we do. Please let us know if you have any questions. We're here to help.

Brenda (Johnstown, PA, US)


NancyJ (Alexandria, VA, US)
Soft and supportive

Bought 2 for my husband post-surgery. The pillows have proved to be amazingful comfortable in providing supplemental yet gentle support for his back when seated on upholstered living room arm chairs or couch. Wonderfully unique and suitable for even this somewhat formal setting.

Martha Bonner (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Essential Tool for Recovery

My husband's stage 3 bedsore was not getting better, and positioning using wedges and pillows were uncomfortable. After 3 weeks, we started using bedsore rescue and bolster pillow and three weeks later, his bedsore is healed. He was comfortable. This was an essential tool for my husband's recovery. Very high quality product.

Amazing pillow !

This Bedsore Rescue All-Purpose Hypoallergenic Contoured Pillow ?is? surprisingly soft and comfortable?. ?And the fact that you can wipe it clean if necessary is also a plus.? Because I like to be able to clean my pillows regularly.Because I suffer from acid reflux. ? I? usually? sleep? sitting up? with a mountain of pillows? . And to be honest it was causing me some pain in my spine and neck. I wasn't sure how or if this pillow would work for me. After the first few nights of using this pillow. I noticed an actual difference. I hadn't dealt with acid reflux in days. And my spine and neck weren't hurting me. Until I started using this Bedsore Rescue Contoured Pillow? I struggled to find a way to sleep comfortably. This pillow changed my life. The quality is excellent. It's sturdy and durable, I highly recommend it.

Perfect pillow for my son

My son has cerebral palsy and I have to wash a few pillows every week now with theses pillows i don't need to I just have to wipe it down and let dry what a game changer .

Ruth Chanitz

It was nice and comfortable for my elderly parent during her final journey of life.


great cushion pillow!

Dennie Bryant
Best body wedge for pressure wounds

The perfect pillow wedge for rotating the body for people with pressure wounds. Definitely would recommend. easy to fit the different curves of the body