The Problem with Conventional Wedges

Really when you think about it, if you have to support a supine person just so, far enough to lift him off his sacrum but not so far as to be on his trochanter, then a foam wedge is the most logical choice. You can cut foam to exact specifications and it can be soft yet able to maintain form under weight.

But I’m jealous of conventional wedges. They claim to support a person in a 30 degree turned position. But nobody holds them accountable when they slip out of place, feel hard and uncomfortable to the patient, or provide only partial support across the back, causing high pressure contact points in some spots while being devoid of support across other areas. I think a conventional wedge’s worst insubordination is when it actually places direct pressure on the sacrum, while turning the person so far over that he has pressure on his greater trochanter.

Most wedges are trying their best, I know. And I wouldn’t say that wedges completely fail to do their job, but none of them complete all their assignments. Until The Bedsore Rescue™ came along. I am holding the Bedsore Rescue™ to a higher standard. I expect The Bedsore Rescue™ to remove all pressure from the sacrum without turning the person onto her trochanter. I demand even, ergonomically correct and comfortable support across the entire back and hips. I require it to stay in place, even with head of bed elevation.

What’s more, it must be antimicrobial, skin friendly, re-useable and easy & handy for the caregiver to use. And I would rather work with The Bedsore Rescue™ because it can do other tasks for me too, like floating the heals without occluding the popletal artery, supporting the person’s head at just the right angle for breathing and eating, and fitting between the legs of a side-lying person to support her hips and prevent bone-to-bone contact pressure between the knees. The Bedsore Rescue™ is even willing to protect the feet from the bedrail and linens! Hire the Bedsore Rescue™ to do the job because the Bedsore Rescue™ is the only wedge that can do the whole job!

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