The Bedsore Rescue Cushion Non Skid is available in 3 sizes.

Standard: Fits most people between 4’8” and 6’.5” and up to 230lbs
Dimensions: 27” L x 12” W. 2” at front tips to 5” towards back

Large: Thicker but not longer. Fits people with larger/heavier body frames
between 230 and 330 lbs and most heights between 4’8” to 6′.5″ tall.
Dimensions: 27” L x 12” W. 2.35” at front tips to 6.5” towards back.

Bariatric (XXL) : Thicker AND Longer for extra large body sizes greater than 300lbs and
up to 600lbs. Most heights between 4’8” to 6′.5″ tall.
Dimensions: 29” L x 18” W. 2.5” at front tips to 8” towards back.

Now with Non-Skid backing for Hospital Acute and Long Term Skilled Nursing Facilities: The Bedsore Rescue Cushion with non-skid sewn-in backing for reduced slipping. Necessary for use on air flow and low air loss mattresses.

COMING SOON! Welded seams and non-skid backing for complete moisture resistance even when submerged. Suitable for Hospital Acute and Long Term Skilled Nursing Facilities Please Contact Us For a Quote – Phone: 650-430-4852

Designed by a nurse, The Bedsore Rescue Cushion Non Skid is guaranteed to provide the best possible 30 degree turned support possible, or your money back!

How it works: The Bedsore Rescue Cushion is the only 30 degree lateral turning wedge designed to conform and cradle with the natural curvatures of a person’s back without touching the sensitive sacral/coccyx area. The BackBone™ provides a gentle lift from the scapula and buttocks, while slightly curving away from the spine. Your person experiences evenly distributed support and lift across the entire torso and hips. The sacrum/coccyx is lifted off the mattress surface just enough to remove pressure.

Why The Bedsore Rescue Cushion Non Skid works so much better: The magic of The Bedsore Rescue Cushion Non Skid design is the patented crescent shape and more gradual angles that are even on both sides of the wedge (Bilateral Isoceles Triangle instead of a typical 30x60x90 degree triangle). These two features make it possible to get gentle lift and full support under your persons body for a more precise angle and better stability and comfort.

The Bedsore Rescue Cushion Non Skid fits well under your person just right. Not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too soft. Supports an even, exact and stable position. No more hard bulky and hard side pushing, over turning and slipping like typical wedges do, or repeated re-stuffing pillows and replacing too soft pillows over and over again. Your person feels fully supported at an angle just enough to reduce pressure from the spine and sacrum/coccyx area without “over turning” or twisting. Provides gentle, ergonomically comfortable and stable offloading.

Material: Inner Core: High resolution medium density foam
Support layer: Pressure distributive high density memory foam
Latex Free – Hypoallergenic

Cover: The Bedsore Rescue Cushion is covered with Chemflex II coated polyurethane fabric. Chemflex II is a high efficiency antimicrobial treated and moisture resistant medical fabric, similar to what is used to cover gurney pads and medical mattresses. It provides soft, flexible and breathable comfort against your skin, but its tough against microbes and moisture. The Bedsore Rescue Cushion can be disinfected using any institutional wipe (including hydrogen peroxides, chlorine bleach and alcohol based wipes) and can be rinsed under soap and water.

Do not launder. Do not submerge in fluid. The Bedsore Rescue Cushion the cover is sewn closed without zipper. Latex free. Learn more about Chemflex II fabric.

Care: Easy to clean with disinfectant wipes or rinse under soap and water. Simple to place, versatile and long lasting.
• Do not submerge. Do not put in washing machine. If accidentally submerged in body excrement for more than a few minutes, we recommend to discard the The Bedsore Rescue Cushion.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!