NursePreneurs Agree! Gwen-you are modest to a fault! NEWS FLASH: What you’re doing is a BIG DEAL! You are helping the most dependent population that exists…literally! Most of their caregivers have rearranged their entire lives simply to do their absolute best to care for them and keep them alive, comfortable, and free from as many complications as they can. You work with these patients at the bedside. You listen to their exhausted and frustrated family members/caregivers. You see the
unnecessary hospital admissions and wound complications. Because of your nursing experience and expertise-you knew there was a better way to relieve the pressure which causes so many complications and pain for these patients….AND you created it!
You created a wedge to solve the #1 major problem for people who are bedridden…because THERE IS A SOLUTION. This is fixable & preventable. And everyone who needs it–deserves to have it. THAT’S what you’re doing. And it’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

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