Multi-positional low profile flotation for all bony prominences in any leg position.

Multi-positional low profile heel flotation cushion. Provide pressure reduction for all bony prominences of the ankles and heels in any leg position. Effective heel floating is proven to prevent heel ulcer wounds.

The Heelbone elevation pillow for the feet features a patented low profile and flexible contouring design, making it the most comfortable and effective heel floatation cushion on the market.

Adjust the angle of the HeelBone to float ALL the bony prominences of both feet in ANY leg position for excellent heel ulcer prevention.

Perfect for:

  • People on Long term or short term bedrest
  • Turned position
  • People with Hip injuries
  • People with leg contractures
  • People with Arterial circulatory compromise
  • People with Venous Thromboembolism

The HeelBone elevation pillow for feet and heels is covered soft and breathable Derma-Plush ® nylon. This wonderful fabric is Antimicrobial treated and fluid resistant but is air permeable. Your skin won’t sweat. Easily cleaned if soiled. Wipe with any institutional wipe or rinse under soap and water. No laundering.

Multi-patient use saves you time and money!

Ideal for any healthcare environment from home care to ICU. Compatible for MRI, OR and Hyperbaric chamber.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!