Question: Does The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® Prevent Pressure Injuries?

Answer: The Bedsore Rescue is a tool specifically designed to improve the quality of 30 degree lateral support and pressure reduction.

Sustained pressure relief is the single most important intervention to prevent pressure injuries.

Frequent turning and supporting a person at 30 degrees lateral position is the only intervention clinically proven to be effective to reduce the incidence of pressure injuries to the sacrum/coccyx area.

When done correctly, turning works because this intervention reduces direct pressure from a bedbound person’s sacrum/coccyx area.

But incidence and prevalence of pressure injuries remains a problem for many facilities. 30 degree turning and sustained support is difficult to maintain due to a variety of complications related to support equipment failure, patient shifting and/or work flow process issues.

When used properly, the Bedsore Rescue cushion will support a person in a stable, comfortable and well distributed 30 degree lateral position.

1) Better stability = less wedge slipping
2) Better comfort = less patient shifting
3) Less slipping + less patient shifting = longer “hold times” in pressure reduced position
4) Longer hold times = less pressure
5) Less pressure = less pressure injuries
Yes. The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® can help prevent pressure injuries.

Question: Why does The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® work better than pillows and other wedges?

Answer: The patented Bedsore Rescue Cushion® works better because it is designed to resolve the following complications associated with other support devices in this category.

Simple pillows have many complications because simple pillows are not designed or intended to support a person at 30 degrees. They do not sustain a pressure reduced position because they bottom out, roll out, and often are placed in such a way that the pressure reduction was not achieved in the first place.

The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® works better than pillows because it is designed specifically for this job. Pressure reduction is more reliable and consistent.

Conventional wedges have many complications because they are designed with a straight edge 30x30x90 degree triangle shape. This shape does not conform around the natural curves of person’s back. Because it does not conform, it does not support from under the person’s back, but rather it pushes the person’s back from the side.

1) The true angle achieved by a conventional wedge varies greatly between 0 degrees to 90 degrees
2) The person’s body pushes against the cushion, causing slipping and patient shifting.
3) Conventional cushions often apply direct contact pressure to pressure wounds

The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® works better than conventional wedges because it supports from under a person’s entire back and pelvis while circumventing the sacrum/coccyx area. Since the person is laying more on top of the cushion, the person’s body weight “pins” it down so the cushion is much more stable. Since it cradles the person, the cushion is also much more comfortable which reduces patient shifting.

2-piece wedge designs have many complications because they are too small to provide even distribution of support weight across a person’s entire back and pelvis. To compensate for the smaller support surface area, they have to be made with a more rigid foam to prevent bottoming out. Harder foam over a smaller surface area reduces circulation can actually cause pressure injury. They also feel so hard and uncomfortable that patients beg for them to be removed.
The Bedsore Rescue cushion works better than 2-piece cushion designs because the Bedsore Rescue cushion provides full and even support across the entire back and pelvis. The proprietary foam mix provides efficient distribution of support weight while providing a soft, gentle but stable feel.

Fluidized positioners have many complications too. Because the caregiver must mold the fluidized positioner each time they use it, placement and angle is inconsistent. Degree of angle is unpredictable, and uniform distribution of support weight is unlikely. Placement often “lumpy” and uncomfortable for the person, and uneven pressure points can compromise circulation and lead to skin damage.

Fluidized positioners are sold as single patient use only. They are significantly more expensive and wasteful than all other support device options in this category.
The Bedsore Rescue works better than fluidized positioners because it provides a predicable 30 degree angle support. No lumps or bumps, no extreme angles, no skin damage.
Question: Why should we spend more on this positioning cushion when the disposables are cheaper?
Answer: The Bedsore Rescue cushion is multi-patient use. It is actually much less expensive than disposables;
After the second patient use, The Bedsore Rescue cushion is the same price as disposables. After the 3rd patient use, the cost per use is about $10.00 less than disposables. After the 4th use, the cost is less than half the disposable price. And so on and so forth.

Re-order expenses are a fraction of disposables because you only need to replace lost, damaged or discarded cushions. You do not need to replenish the entire supply.

Bulk waste disposal is significantly reduced.

Each pressure injury prevented can save a facility from $20,000 to 1Million dollars

Question: Isn’t there a risk of infection associated with re-usable positioning cushions?

Answer: The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® is covered with a fabric that has been treated to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. It can also be effectively de-contaminated between each use. (see specifications chart for details)

There is a dearth of studies that evaluate risk of contamination and subsequent infection associated with covered foam wedges.

The risk of contamination from The Bedsore Rescue cushion is lower than the risk of contamination from pillows and disposable wedges (when used over many days under the same patient) because these devices covers are not usually treated to inhibit bacterial growth.

If contamination is suspected due to compromise in cover integrity or submersion, we recommend the cushions be discarded. Since The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® is priced competitively to disposable cushions, it is affordable to discard cushions when necessary.

Question: What assurances do you have that our staff will really use The Bedsore Rescue tool frequently and correctly?

Answer: Employing The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® as an integral part of your Pressure Injury Prevention Program can serve to facilitate better compliance with turning and repositioning protocols.

Enclosed with each cushion are detailed instructions about how to place the cushion for best results. Other information is provided that caregivers are not usually taught, such as suggestions for managing situations when turning is difficult.

Enclosed instructions can be provided to patients and family to assist with pressure injury prevention education.

Jewell Nursing Solutions provides online instructions and caregiver in-service trainings about turning and reposition techniques for safest patient handling and caregiver lift safety.

The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® is unique, user friendly and effective. It fits well into a caregivers work process. The superior performance, ease of use and better patient satisfaction of the Bedsore Rescue Cushion® will improve the staff confidence in the product. Compliance will improve because staff like it and trust it to work better.

Silk screen barcoding is available for EHR systems that can accommodate scanned charting of turns.

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