Background about pressure ulcers; Why they happen and what a person can do about it

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® For Healthcare Facilities

Question: Does The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® Prevent Pressure Injuries? Answer: The Bedsore Rescue is a tool specifically designed to improve the quality of 30 degree lateral support and pressure reduction. Sustained pressure relief is the single most important intervention to prevent pressure injuries. Frequent turning and supporting a person at 30 degrees lateral position is […]

Is the Bedsore Rescue Cushion® a Medical Device ?

Many people have asked me if it is ‘legal’ to ask the hospital/skilled nursing facility/care home where my loved one is staying to use the Bedsore Rescue Backbone Positioning Cushion? First of all, YES! Actually its more than legal, it’s a requirement. Especially if that person has a wound on their behind. Most facilities and […]