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Wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated !
Enjoy more rehabilitative sleep with the All-Purpose Contoured Pillow by Jewell Nursing Solutions. This bone-shaped pillow with its unique curvatures helps distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure at common hot spots such as the hips, neck, knees and lower back. By easing overall tension and muscle strain and reducing disruptions such as acid reflux and snoring, you’ll improve your sleep and be rewarded with greater comfort and stamina.

Designed for comfort, inside and out.
The All-Purpose Pillow uses Fusion Fiberfill to mimic the gentle cushioning of goose down and the support of foam. The closest thing to a “natural synthetic” ever developed for pillow filling, it is comfortable like down but completely hypoallergenic. AnyBone’s moisture-proof cover is also hypoallergenic, and promotes microclimate control of skin temperature. It cleans easily with disinfectant wipes and can be used with or without a queen-size pillow case.

One pillow, so many possibilities.
With its patent-pending ergonomic design, the All-Purpose Pillow provides support for virtually any part of your body that needs it. Use it to relieve pressure on injured feet, ankles, knees, legs and arms. Promote spine and hip alignment to relieve headaches or pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Enhance blood flow to accelerate healing. With its’ vast rehabilitative benefits, the All-Purpose Pillow will quickly become the most sought-after pillow in your home.


SUPPORT YOUR BODY for more restful and recuperative sleep with the All-Purpose Contoured Bed Pillow by Jewell Nursing Solutions. Designed to give soft, cushioning support where you need it most, the All-Purpose Pillow relieves pressure to lower back, hips, knees and neck for instant pain relief.

SLEEP MORE PEACEFULLY and enjoy all-over well-being with the All-Purpose Pillow. Deter snoring, improve body alignment to reduce neck and back pain, and enhance muscle relaxation and circulation to facilitate deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

CONTOURED FOR VERSATILITY and comfort, our 26” x 19.5” x 9” positioning pillow provides support for the neck, hips, knees, back, legs and heels. Its ergonomic bone-shaped design can be used with your CPAP machine and offers comfortable offloading to deter formation of pressure ulcers.

HYPOALLERGENIC Fusion Fiberfill provides a gentle, down-like feel without the scratchy quills or the exposure to irritants of goose down, polyester or foam. Fusion Fiberfill conforms to your body’s presence, yet returns to its original loft again and again for use on other body areas.

MOISTURE-PROOF COVER eliminates dust mite exposure and enhances microclimate control. Its’ vapor-permeable surface maintains optimal skin temperature and moisture balance. The All-Purpose Pillow can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or towelette.

Experience the amazing recuperative effects of targeted body support. Add the AnyBone Contoured Positioning Pillow to your cart today !

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