About Jewell Nursing Solutions

“There’s a lot you can do to prevent and treat pressure injuries after you get the pressure off ”
Gwen Jewell, Clinical Nurse II, BSN, CWS

Jewell Nursing Solutions is a pressure injury prevention company. Motivated by personal experience, Gwen founded the company to solve the problem of ineffective pressure relieving equipment.

“From the most advanced healthcare setting to the home environment, caregivers are typically still trying to use the common pillow to support a person off his/her bedsore. At best, we might be given a straight triangle chunk of foam.

Lets face it, these devices just don’t work. It’s no wonder the incidence and prevalence of pressure injuries is still unacceptably high.

Especially in the community setting where people do not have access to high end mattress surfaces or able to afford extra help to turn every two hours around the clock.

Gwen became inspired to create honestly effective pressure relieving support cushions to give people the best possible chance to prevent and heal pressure injuries.

Our unique support designs are the only positioning devices on the market that provide ergonomically correct comfort and stable pressure relief.

We use high grade foams covered by antimicrobial treated medical fabric that is soft, moisture resistant and breathable. Our cushions are safe to use in any healthcare setting from hospital to home.

At Jewell Nursing Solutions, we believe everyone should be able to relieve the pressure.

Lisa and Gwen.

Denny helps carry the wedges.

Denny helps carry the wedges.