About Me

Welcome to Jewell Nursing Solutions. My name is Gwen Jewell. I am a Clinical Nurse II and Certified Wound Care Specialist.

I have been a medical surgical nurse for 14 years, and serve as faculty clinical instructor for San Francisco State School of Nursing. I am also a leading expert on safe patient handling and positioning techniques for bedbound pressure injury prevention.

I joined our HAPI team (formally known as the Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer (HAPU) team to study pressure injury prevention in 2011, after caring for a patient with a very bad, and ultimately fatal, pressure ulcer.

Quite frankly it was a shock to see how devastating these wounds can be. Especially because they are usually preventable.

As I began to study pressure injury development, I was again surprised to discover that the one thing this is most important to pressure ulcer prevention is the one thing we are not very good at: getting the pressure off.

When it comes to how to position a person so that there is real pressure reduction and how to support and sustain that pressure reduced position, there is lot of room for improvement.

Pressure ulcers are not really our problem, they are the result of our problem. Our problem is how to remove pressure.

In July 2012, I founded Jewell Nursing Solutions as a company dedicated to advancing the science and practice of pressure reduction for best possible pressure injury prevention.

I innovate better functioning positioning cushions and pillows (turning wedges, heel floaters, pillows) and develop and teach patient handling techniques for optimal safety, comfort and pressure reduction.

How to do it, when to do it, why to do it, how to measure for pressure reduction, how to assess when turning needed to be done again, how to make a person comfortable, how to best sustain support. What works, what doesn’t.

Everything one needs to get the pressure off and keep it off.

I offer my products and services to everyone and anyone who needs my help with pressure injury prevention.

There is no job too small or too big. My devices are the most comfortable and effective positioning products available, and I can teach anybody how to prevention pressure injury.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

Gwen with her brother Denny.

Gwen with her brother Denny.

Gwen’s dog Fritz was instrumental during the testing phase of The Heelbone.

Gwen’s dog Fritz was instrumental during the testing phase of The Heelbone.