Unlocking the secrets to 30 degree support.

The secret to the Bedsore Rescue Cushion® Turning Wedge ™ by Jewell Nursing Solutions is the unique, bilateral “no-slip” angle and “no pressure” contour design.Since the wedge is cut to the correct lift angle on two sides instead of just one, the Bedsore Rescue Cushion® is the only side positioning cushion available that can stay in place without slipping. The contouring shape conforms to the natural “curl” of a person’s back while lifting at the hips and scapula to achieve a form fitting, ergonomically correct support. The Backbones’ “no-pressure” contour shape provides lift where you need it while avoiding all contact pressure to the sacrum and bony prominences of the spine. Comfortable. Stays in place. Removes pressure.

Everything a turning wedge should do. Add the antimicrobial, skin friendly, breathable stretchable and wipe clean cover and you
have the best 30 degree turning wedge in the world. Use The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® Turning Wedge by Jewell Nursing Solutions.
Because the easiest pressure ulcer to cure is the one that you prevented!

The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® Countdown to Greatness:
1. Supports a 30 degree turned position per pressure ulcer prevention protocol recommendations.
2. Contoured to avoid direct contact pressure to sacrum and spine
3. The only turning wedge available with patent pending symmetrically angled “no-slip” design
4. Comfortable, ergonomically correct support under back and hips prevents spinal twisting
5. Constructed with dual layered, high efficiency foam to maximize distribution of support weight and optimal immersion
6. Hospital grade antimicrobial & hypoallergenic barrier cover. Skin friendly, breathable, stretchable, soft and smooth
clean with any institutional disinfectant wipe.
7. Multi-patient use. Cost effective and eco-friendly
8. Handy, easy to use and versatile to support in many other ways
Gentle lift without contacting the bony prominences

The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® fits under the back just enough to lift off the sacrum, coccyx & spine, but not so far as to be on the trochanter. The wedge is carefully crafted to contour away from the sacrum while supporting the entire torso in an ergonomically correct & comfortable position. The Bedsore Rescue provides steady, no-slip support and comfortable, no-pressure lift.

Conforms to support in semi-fowler elevation Uniquely sloped design and highly flexible construction make it possible for the Bedsore Rescue to adapt to the natural curvature of the back during head of bed elevation. The Bedsore Rescue Cushion® stays in place to maintain turn and lift off the vulnerable pressure points you
are trying to protect.

Versatile to support in many other ways:
Use the Bedsore Rescue Cushion® between the legs. Put it under the lower legs to float the heels. Place it behind the head during mealtime. Even use it as a protective cushion against hard surfaces. The patent pending Bedsore Rescue Cushion® Turning Wedge ™ is as versatile as a pillow, and supports better than any other wedge in the market.